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The Wall of Fame brings to life your school’s rich history and proudest moments from athletic to academic to artistic achievements. Do more with less and WOW your community with a diverse collection of highlights from both current and past students. Our solution will increase engagement with your tribute by enhancing your existing recognition.

Wall of Fame Models

Wall Mount

Our Wall Mount Wall of Fame will install anywhere you have wall space and foot traffic!  Very simple to install.  Available in seven sizes.

Floor Stand

Our Floor Stand Wall of Fame is a heavyweight favorite for those with the floor space to allow for it.  Can be moved for events.  Available in three sizes.

Wall Enclosure

The extra design and install work is well worth it for our Wall Enclosure Wall of Fame.  The design is printed on for durability.  No decals!  Comes in four sizes.

Cloud-Based CMS

We make uploading and updating content a breeze with our easily accessible, easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS). You can make content changes from your browser and test them in preview mode before publishing them to your sign without any disruption to everyday use. You can even make changes from off-site as long as you have browser access and internet connection. Don’t believe us? Ask for references when you schedule your demo today!

Content Advocacy

With our huge variety of layouts and customizable profile screens, it might seem like a lot of work to get all your content running, but with the help of our experienced and dedicated Content Advocates, we make content decisions easier than ever. You tell us what you want your sign to do and we find the right layout for you. And if we don’t have one you like, we will work with you to build a brand new one free of charge! No need to stress about content loading, as we will be by your side every step of the way, uploading as much as you want us to and training you as we go. Call us for more info today!

Models & Sizes

To find the base price for your Wall of Fame solution start by picking the model and size that’s right for you.

Content Package

Choose how much content assistance you want from our advocates. We highly recommend we help you design the sign, while you do the uploading.


Decide whether to install your solution yourself or call on our services. We highly recommend using our documentation to self-install.


With the VitalSigns Wall of Fame, we offer a variety of price options, so you can tailor our solution to your school’s needs. All signs come at a base price that includes lifetime access to and use of the hardware and software, along with unlimited content uploading ability. Then you pick the content package and installation option that works best for you. To learn more about our pricing options that can make the Wall of Fame more affordable for your school, click below!

"I've installed a kiosk at two very different high schools, and they've been perfect for both. All of our pictures are digital now anyway, so we no longer have to worry about getting high-quality prints and buying picture frames. And the people at VitalSigns took care of the design work. They make it very easy to update: if you can save a file to a Google drive, you can update this system."

Ryan Walker – Marysville High School

"The Advocate Program is a life saver. The team at VitalSigns was instrumental in getting our content organized and uploaded. We couldn't be happier with the result. Their assistance is invaluable to getting a successful product launched and it is included in the price of the Wall of Fame."

Bob Kilpatrick – Massilon Perry Hall of Fame Committee

"I have many years of Marysville high school sports history in pictures, statistics, and rosters. I have been looking for a home for all of this content for a long time. The Wall of Fame is the perfect solution and their Advocate Program is wonderful. I couldn't be happier."

Tim Davidson – Marysville Sports Historian

"The team at VitalSigns has been very responsive to all of our needs. We implemented the entire solution in under a month. But what surprised me the most was the way the students were drawn to the new technology. It has really connected our current students with the history of our school."

Chris Ludban – Hilliard Darby High School

"When I first saw the product, I figured the system would be really hard to use. But it is just the opposite. It is very intuitive and easy to understand. With little guidance, I was able to build an entire section from scratch in under 30 minutes."

Mark Doughty – Newark High School and OATA Hall of Fame

"We looked at three different vendors for this product. What really sold me on the VitalSigns Wall of Fame was their ability to understand and meet our future, complex needs while creating a Wall of Fame product that is very easy to use. The experience as a digital sign company really shines through."

Jay Smith – Hilliard Darby High School



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VitalSigns Wall of Fame Announces New Yearbook Scanning Partnership

The Wall of Fame team is excited to start offering scanning services for its customers.  Through a partnership with Bound Book Scanning in New York (, the Wall of Fame now provides affordable scanning for yearbooks and other bound materials.  The resulting content will be sent directly to the Wall ...
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New Flexible Pricing Structure

VitalSigns is excited to announce a new pricing structure for its Wall of Fame offering. Our new pricing provides the customer with far more flexibility in deciding what services to purchase with their Wall of Fame, allowing schools to better tailor their Wall of Fame solution to their needs and ...
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VitalSigns has 15+ years of digital sign, digital content management, and software development experience. With a wide range of installs throughout a variety of industries, we help organizations bring their stories to life. Check out our YouTube channel for a video that highlights some of our top signs and shows our commitment to quality content!

Wall of Fame

The Wall of Fame is a product brought to VitalSigns by a central Ohio athletic director and developed using the same promise of quality content and technology we provide our custom signage clients. We took our years of experience and our industry-tested CMS to create an interactive hall of fame experience that can shine light on the impressive history and achievements of your school. Contact us for more info or to set up a demo today!

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